Saturday, May 16, 2009


OK, here we go again - the next chapter in the 625 THRASHCORE special: on their self-titled debut 7" Arizona's GET DESTROYED deliver 10 tracks of full-throttle NO COMMENT styled POWER VIOLENCE that destroys everything in it's path and takes no prisoners! musical brutality to the max!


  1. this band fucking rules!! no comment comparison fits quite well, which is really good, coz i was afraid of being disappointed (no comment are really hard to match in terms of intensity and composition). been listening to this like 3 times in a row, and i'm really impressed! good riffs, mean vocals... they are tight and fucking intense! there should be more bands like this! many thanks for posting this gem!

  2. thanks for your kind words Roman!

    go here:

    in case you'd like to get more destroyed!