Saturday, May 2, 2009


it's time for some TURNING POINT once again in spite of just having watched the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHY INSIDE STRAIGHT EDGE for the 1st time and nearly having to throw up cause of some things said by (ex-)members of F.S.U.! fuck, what a bunch of sorry idiots - how low can you go? back to this 7" that is a bootleg quite obviously and was released in 1996 or 1997 I guess. actually this is another 7" where I'm not sure about the year it came out cause I can't remember when I bought it anymore. even though the 7" came with the lyrics it has just white labels and there are no additional infos from which demo or demos (?) the 8 tracks were taken. all tracks were later re-recorded and released on records like their debut 7" on HI-IMPACT RECORDS. as this versions are a lot rawer I prefer the versions on this 7" to the re-recorded ones.


  1. Pope - Any chance of getting this link public?
    Looks as though it is set to private right now...