Saturday, May 16, 2009


truth be told - I don't know more about NINE CURVE than what Max wrote on the 625 THRASH site: "this is a the final culmination of Nine Curve (who broke up in 2002)....totally fast thrash metal inspired Japanese hardcore. I am really happy with these songs and glad that they got something out to document this rad band. Members went onto to form WE MUST BURN." I might add that I agree with him NINE CURVE were a rad band! d/l and hear for yourself!


  1. hi! i look for USE YOUR STRENGHT "zodiac" LP. could anybody help? i also look for HUNGER (thom rusnak after RORSCHACH, before AMBUSH)
    thank you.

  2. Hmm..
    I have the UYS LP on tape... Well hidden in a box with a few hundred tapes... I`ll try to find it.
    The Hunger EP would be no problem, just have to rip it .

  3. thank you count yoga!