Thursday, October 18, 2007


as DIAVOLO ROSSO had/has former members of you-know-who in it´s ranks there was quite a little bit of hype about ´em back in their demo days! hype or not, their demo was a bomb [no, as some fuckhead stole mine I can´t post the demo] and when on stage they killed! if you compare this 7" to the demo, the 7" is disapointing! the 7" is not bad, it´s a good 7" but after the demo it just didn´t live up to, at least my, expectations! but believe me you consider this 7" brilliant if you listen to their tracks on the split with Y! well, to make it short give it a try it´s a good 7" that reminds me on GENOCIDE SS somehow in it´s best moments! b.t.w. their 12" is cool to!

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  1. good stuff!i had only "never follow..."by diavolo,thanx