Monday, October 15, 2007


brilliant album name! WELCOME TO ANARCHO CITY, I´d like to see all these live in ANARCHY after the socialization of modern day society! could be fun to watch! despite from that this is an UNCURBED album that sounds like an UNCURBED album should sound - world class D-BEAT-CRUST that somehow sounds amazingly fresh!


  1. i,ve loved this band since the lost and found records.they are one of my fav,s not heard this one yet cheers papst

  2. One of the best swedish records ever, by one of the best bands! Uncurbed are back after their short break, and will play at the Punk Illegal fest II in november.

  3. well, people all tell me to dig uncurbed, for they are swedish, for they are dis, for they are that, for they played in NYX and they were so good. Well I dunno. giving this a try but i ain't counting my sorrows. thanks.