Saturday, October 13, 2007


in a comment to the VOORHEES / DEVOID OF FAITH split 12" Ricardo who seems to be a nice guy said that I shouldn´t listen to MORBID ANGEL [still in my top 5 list] as they where fascists! I asked why and I got told: ACTIVE MINDS say! that was the whole response! no evidence or explanation - nothing!
[I should add that it´s possible that his english isn´t good enough - perhaps he can´t explain it in english!]
now, look... I´ve been accused of being a nazi, a sexist, a pimp, a jock, an idiot with nothing than violence on his mind, a fascist, a crackhead, a coke addict, a whinning wussy, a racist, a junkie, a pervert, a commie, a macho asshole, a little rich kid acting punk, a traitor, a coward, a capitalist pig and whatnot! I´ve been labled ignorant, homophobe, violent, insane, stupid, xenophobe, greedy, oppressive and so many things more that I even can´t remember! Carsten C. Ronneberg [a.k.a. fucking little sissy] wrote that I´m [quote] >> the most antisocial person he ever met in his whole lifetime << [end quote] in his little FANzine which was called ONLY A PHASE [can´t think of a better name for a FANzine like this]! and as mankind willingly believes what they wish - there were/are more than enough sorry idiots that will believe everything even when they should know better! the girlfriend of the REVENGE singer asked me one day if it´s true that I roam the streets at night to beat up the homeless or not! I started laughing, thinking she was jokeing I said >> yeah, every time I´m bored! << when Hoiz [singer of REVENGE] interferred and told me that it was no joke as there where some rumors and the reason for nadine´s question was that he had some quarrel the evening before cause he dared to say that he thinks it´s all lies and those who think they need to know should ask me and not run their mouthes when I´m not around! I started to investigate who spread these rumors and as I found out who the sorry idiot was I asked him why he was spreading such lies about me! he said that I myself had told somebody that I would prey on the homeless! ATTENTION, NOW COMES THE FUNNY PART... I demanded to know whom I had told this story as I was quite sure if I had told somebody a story like this I would be able to remember this but the answer was... HE CAN`T TELL ME AS THIS WOULDN´T BE FAIR AGAINST THIS GUY! as I told him that somebody would get hurt and that he´s the in the position to choose who this would be he changed his mind! as I talked to the one I figured out: it was a missunderstanding! at a party in our house some people where sitting in my room telling storys and there someone told a story about a fight he had with some "PENNER" [which means either IDIOT or HOMELESS, in his case IDIOT] that was my whole connection to this case but the rumors remain till today!
why I´m a racist? cause when I was working as a bouncer a black rapper called AFROB had a gig in this club and when he arrived, he commanded the taxidriver to get his records [2 big
, heavy boxes]
out of the trunk and then the chiefbouncer and me to bring ´em down! he did this without any respect, just like you would command a dog, so the chiefbouncer told him >> fuck you, I´m not your nigger << now you know what a fucking racist I am!
why did I waste your time with old storys? to make clear what I think is fascist, ignorant, whatever... and that is to accuse people that are not around of things like being fascist without any evidence or explanation why you lable them so! xyz said without saying what xyz said is not what I consider a piece of evidence - I would consider it discrimination! some of the
MORBID ANGEL guys played in TERRORIZER if I remeber correct, is this a fascist band too? nuff said! if you´re smart you got my point and if you are to fucking stupid... why should I waste my time on you?


  1. sorry,it was a joke.

    My explanation of joke,in english very soon.

  2. Dave Vincent played session bass for the Terrorizer LP because theiroriginal bassist was in jail at the time. Scope my blog and you'll see current pix of what the guys are up to (as NAUSEA). --S

  3. i think that was after someone from terrorizer had already left to join morbid angel then they wantd to do a terrorizer reunion.
    ray ss