Thursday, October 18, 2007


the RESTARTS hit you with 4 tracks of fast, angry, dirty, catchy and snotty PUNK with cool political lyrics! 4 tracks = 4 hits!


  1. i see the band in the park or on the street quite often, but frankly i never much cared for the band. will sneakily listen to this and if i don't like it i'll go up to one of them douche bags and say "up yours you punkscum!"

    this is how one is supposed to comment to posts at blogs!

  2. not too bad, not too good. now I can say i have listened to them. or shall i say, not as good as hrmmrmph eridicate?

  3. glad you liked it! but I think what you got is weak compared to the 12"! I´ll rip the 12" for you when I find the time!