Tuesday, October 2, 2007


THE SWARM a.k.a. KNEE DEEP IN THE DEAD evolved out of the ashes of LEFT FOR DEAD and music-wise they didn't really change much! any of these tracks could have been on anything LEFT FOR DEAD have released - which is the best thing they could have done! this 10", which is called PARASITIC SKIES, delivers 9 tracks of fierce and angry HARDCORE that sounds so pissed off you can't believe it till you've heard it! the picture fro the backcover below is like a picture of the devastating power of this bands! I guess these guys are the most pissed off straight edgers the world has seen till now! if someone would ask me which of the two bands is the better one, THE SWARM or LEFT FOR DEAD, I wouldn't be able to tell! I'd say it's a draw! seems like Chris C. can't do no wrong! if you look at the other bands he was involved... really big surprise, eh? nice grey-marbled vinyl, too!


  1. thanks again
    its all about 320s

  2. yes and even those sound shitty compared to the record!