Thursday, October 18, 2007

E R A S E R !

this is pretty much what there is to say about WATCHMAKER

Round three for Boston's favorite improv-grinders, still as harsh and venomous as ever... This one's apparently their swan song, so that's a bit of a bummer, as I do enjoy what they do, but I can see how it would be exhausting, to say the least... As an experience, it's hard to fault this record, as it acheives its goal of being the most violent barrage of spiteful hatred that I've heard since the last Watchmaker album, but given the improvisational nature of the recordings, the fact that each of these songs is written on the spot in the studio, there really aren't any fully-fleshed out "songs" here, so it's easy to get turned off by the fact that what this is, more than anything, is just relentless pounding on the ears and the soul, a metaphor perhaps for life itself, the neverending pressures of everyday, the constant attacks on the percept system to do this, do that, buy this, the daily routine that simultaneously supports and destroys us... Or to use a more succint, more commonplace term, the 'grind'...

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