Saturday, October 13, 2007


SCAPEGRACE are not my cup of coffee! a little SCREAMO, a little noise, a little looped feedback and some METAL... as their lyrics are hard to read I´ve to guess the songtitles. could be: crumbs of crumbs and smokescreen... maybe they do something for you, but I´m sorry to say they don´t do anything for me except that they bore me! the reason why you should dowload this no matter how boring you might find SCAPEGRACE is: CONNIPTION as they are GRINDCORE at it´s best! Devon, who played bass in MONSTER X and now plays in DROP DEAD, handles the bass and the vocals for CONNIPTION which might give you a hint of what to expect!


  1. Do you have anything by Axiom, like the Establishing A Culture of Resistance EP or Thier 3way split, or thier apathy & privilege lp?

  2. Saw Scapegrace live and bought there Plead 7" at the show. I admit that this isn't their best material, as it pales to the 7 but I still like it. It took a little while for Conniption to grow on me, mainly because I never gave them much of a chance. Turns out it's a well rounded platter in my opinion. By the way...any chance you have the Idora split with Angst?

  3. sorry, you´re some years to late! I had the ANGST/IDORA split but I traded it somewhen, with someone against ??? AMEN!