Sunday, October 21, 2007


PAINDRIVER have Aaron Ulcer the guy who sang for ULCER on vocals! but this is not the only reason why this 12" is good! this is one of the most brilliant records to ever be released! top notch blistering, angry, HARDCORE and lyrics filled with despair and hate make this outstanding! and when I say despair and hate I mean real despair and real hate and not the hollow shit all your poserbands sing about!

edit: the cover on top is the cover of the
2nd pressing. the 1st pressing, released by
,came on blue wax
and looked like this:


  1. Yeah, I simply love this album, i've got the cd version, they also released a 7" The truth is all that matters.
    I think this online distro has a copy for €1.-


  2. Thanks Pappa Pope. I will report back if it is as good as you say.

  3. well i don't know this band, but i see in latest weeks this cover in you blog like at the most best album in your collection...for all this i download NOW.
    Very thanks Pope's and so...

    el Krustie!

  4. Ok here goes, track by track IN REAL TIME!

    Intro - yeah sounds promising, but it all comes down to the singer, too much groal and I am out of here, too light and I am out out out...

    2 - Slow beginning, when will it start to kill? Oh what happened? It's alright SIEGE! It's alright INFEST! Ok, I am sold! I like this SHIT.

    3. oh alright, two singers? no, only soemtimes. anyway, this is good good, but i have to have some more deep anger later on or else...

    4. good good shit still, great drums, great singer, great guitars and good bass...and hardcore chorus! i like it. Not exactly NY Mayhem but good nonetheless. and towards the end here comes some slow dancing bits, round and round ina circlepit really fucking pissed off...

    5. oh groovy. and short. that's the way to go.

    6. slow start not too much to my liking...this is too much post-1995 sxe hardcore for me...metal...skipping to next

    7. do damage - great title. starts out just the right way too. great chorus. this is the best so far. yes indeed. good break in between and then kind of discharge-y short inbetween. nice i like it. do damage!

    8. fucking brilliant. kill everything. i like this shit. it could only have been better if the track could had stopped at 0:31, instead you get it twice in a row. taht is cool too.

    9. great drums. longer riffs also cool. this is good.

    10. oh i dunno, it sounds like they are trying too hard. i like the two vocals at the end as well as it being short.

    11. kind of like post-Disrupt in the middle parts with the chorus. that is cool. the bass solo is kind of Washington DC hardcore. but hold on, the last fast drum part is great! more of that!

    12. yeah good shit. fight to win? yeah cool. oh, this could also have been over and done with by 0:40 or so. Why continue the song? That metal-core slow middlepart is unnecessary - but the fast part after that is cool. Great screaming WIIIIIIN! I like it, though what is it they're trying to win? A football match or something? By the way are they sxe?

    13. lyrics go anti-american dream something or other, so they are political then. right-on. this is a good short song I wanan hear again.

    14. last one -oh shit it's the outro, lol. good crust-beat fading out....

    Papst, this is a fucking great record that I shall listen to again. I only wish they would not tune their guitars so damn correctly as well as try to be so straight. Add some swinging amateurish shit and this is woudl so fucking good. I like the logo and the name I am gonna google the band.

  5. Just read about the band. I thought it was one of those current bands. Damn. Anyways, is the EP good as well? (ok, I shut up now).

  6. i had always heard of this band through old sound pollution mailorder lists but never checked them out until now. thank you for posting these, they fucking kill!

  7. glad you like it and b.t.w. all bands that had Aaron on vocals kill! thanks for leaving a comment!

  8. Glad to hear SOMEBODY praising this record.

    You guys should check out the last band I was in (Straight To Hell) it was by far the best stuff I did, and by far the most hateful. This band was ok, but there was posi youth crap influence creeping in on this record, due to our guitarist and bassist seeing crap bands like Better Than A Thousand and Ten Yard Fight every other weekend.

    Stright To Hell was much more alcohol influenced nihilism.

  9. take a look around and you'll find S2H's complete discography posted plus the NEON HOOKERS' demo as well as PAINDRIVER's complete discography except the 2 never released cover tunes...