Sunday, June 29, 2008


Germany just lost final game in the European Championships a few minutes ago and now people like my girlfriend - depressed, sad and dead drunken football fans filled with hatred and a lust for violence roam our cities streets. what better soundtrack could there be as MADBALL? ok, I admit it ALONE IN A CROWD´s WHEN TIGERS FIGHT might be a better soundtrack but as I´m fullfilling a request from NUCLEAR FARMED FUCK FROGS´ Bernard with this post and Bernard requested MADBALL´s DROPPIN MANY SUCKERS 7" from 1992 and not the ALONE IN A CROWD 7" (that is posted here anyway) what can I do? the 2nd MADBALL 7" has 6 tracks of which some of those appear on their 1st full length - SET IT OFF - too! but as I think that the remaining 2 tracks are the better tracks of the 6 I end up playing this 7" from time to time! the only not so nice thing about this 7" is that it was recorded by Don Fury but has the worst sound I´ve heared on anything he did till now! in my opinion the vocals lack power! they are somehow flat and so there can be no discussion which 7" is the better of the 2! can´t!
ah, yeah...HARDCORE PRIDE! don`t forget!


  1. nice one da pope,dont know why i never picked this up at the time?esp considering how good the first single the middle of uploading at the mo so look forward to playing it later..
    cheers mate

  2. yup,it´s a nice one but no match for the 1st 7" which was a real rager!

  3. Didn't even realize they had a second one. Thanx for the upload.


    I'm gonna put on Ball Of Destruction right now. I also like Set It Off, nothing after that really though. DunDun DunDun Daaaah

  5. i somehow like the this single.
    its noticable that a lot of their releases have 3 words in their titles (ball of destruction,demonstrating my style,hold it down,set it off,etc...).perhaps this is related to their "dms" crew?!

  6. maybe? at least there are enough idiots out there that have a D.M.S. - demonstrating my style tattoo! if those idiots know what happens if a real D.M.S. member gets to see that?

  7. there would be some work to do to straighten these folks out hehe.

  8. just tell them what might happen and watch their their face get pale! hehehe

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