Sunday, June 1, 2008


it´s time for some STUDENT GHETTO POWER VIOLENCE a.k.a. ASSHOLE PARADE´s LHIGHVE 8"! as you might have guessed from the title this 8" brings you live recordings. there´re 11 tracks and some talking a.k.a. interview (split in 2 parts one in the beginning one on the end). in most cases live recordings are a waste of time, at least in my ears, with very few exceptions. this is not really a exception (and to be honest when I ordered it I didn´t know it was live) but as it´s out of print for a long time and you might have a different opinion on live recordings I decide to post it anyway!


  1. Kinderkacke für Kinderkacker.

  2. schön, dass wir einer meinung sind!

  3. hey very nice post, thanks for share this album......

  4. Was habt ihr denn ?
    War doch ne coole Kapelle :-)
    Count Yorga