Saturday, June 7, 2008


this post contains a bootleg of CITIZENS ARREST´s 7" that was enlarged by 2 tracks (...PAIN from the FOREVER comp. and EXISTENCE from the BLLLEEEEAAAUUURRRRGGHHH! - THE RECORD comp.) , the 4 tracks from the SONGS FOR THE SOCIALLY RETARDED tape comp. (after I twisted some knobs to trying to make the sound better) and the CRUCIAL CHAOS RADIO SHOW on WNYU (where I did a little twisting too). as I just posted the 7" I don´t have to say much I guess! yup, I know that nobody needs the same record within such a short period (well, maybe this record) but I had the rip on my pc anyway and as it´s more work to make a new folder with just the 2 tracks I decided to post the whole rip! the collector nerds can see that the bootlegers didn´t use the original labels but those on the picture. b.t.w. the sound quality of this bootleg is quite good and it includes a lyric sheet that looks similar to the original lyric sheet and the artwork from the 2 comps. from which the 2 "bonus" were taken!

edit: CITIZENS ARREST - A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS BOOTLEG 7" taken down cause you should by the 2 x 12" discography!


  1. Das gelb ist ja widerlich. Da lobe ich mir das Orginal, wenn auch mit 2 songs weniger.

  2. was hast du denn, sieht doch gut aus? gabs damals in rot, grün & gelb! wenn du gelb wiederlich findest dann hättest du mal die fies kotzgrüne version sehen sollen!