Sunday, June 8, 2008


on request from Ratoseco of CARRY ON SCREAMING blog you get the HYLKIÖ split live tape with ÖDEEMA. I said it before it´s live and as there are recordings from different places the quality changes with every new recording place (and not for the better in most cases)! both bands do a cover of DOOM´s POLICE BASTARD and besides that DOOM classic there are covers from E.N.T., SHITLICKERS, etc. now that you know that, I´m sure I don´t have to explain to you what kind of music both bands play? b.t.w. as both bands are from Finnland I don´t have the slightest idea what their own songtitles could mean! what a crazy language...


  1. I'm all for it. Suomi Finland Perkele Ei Leiki.

  2. Great! God bless you for that.
    Amen :)

  3. Hylkiö = reject
    Ödeema = edema

    ajattelematon paska = inconsiderate twat
    politiikka = politics
    turha kuolema = unnecessary death

    kemira (fertilizer manufacturer)

    The rest is translated in the covers.

  4. @ terska:
    thanks for the translations. I might add that I wrote I wouldn´t have the slightest idea what the titles could mean in reference to tagging the files where I didn´t have the lyricsheet!