Saturday, June 28, 2008


CRYSTAL LAKE LEGACY the 3rd record of Britain´s finest VOORHEES! after their brutally disappointing 2nd full length called 13, which was a letdown from start to finish (to be honest I just have listened to 13 twice, once when I bought it and once again cause I couldn´t believe how bad I found it) , VOORHEES somehow managed to write new songs that continued where SPILLING BLOOD WITHOUT REASON stopped! and I´m not talking about the re-recording of their song called VOORHEES that was on their Flexi 7" and was re-recorded for the 1st 12". I guess 3 times is enough! if you aren´t familiar with VOORHEES go here or here! b.t.w. their incredible 1st 12" will be posted here soon!


  1. I agree 13 wasn't much good - I saw them live one night - brilliant! Got home and put the record on - whatthefuck?? sounded awful! This is much better.

  2. Oh yeah! "Spilling Blood..." is a great record! (despite the lyrics, which the music more than makes up for). Thanks for these later, good tracks!

  3. Oh!!! Spilling Blood Without Reason please!

  4. @ batguano:

    no! "spilling blood..." is a great record especially the lyrics!


  6. Listening to 'Crystal Lake's Legacy' again now (for the first time in a while), it's a good record! Lecky's vocals on it are definitely going for the John Brannon (Tied Down era) sound more than ever...

    Lecky sings in Meatlocker now, with some Aussies:

  7. "spilling blood without reason" is undoubtedly one of best 90s thrash records. great lyrics too! "13" sucks big time, as well as "fireproof" ep. this lp is quite ok, but doesn't live up to the greatness of their early stuff. something's gone wrong somewhere along the way... the spark got lost. this is really cool blog by the way - lotsa great stuff i was looking for, lotsa stuff that's completely new for me. keep up the good work! yeah, one more thing - i found some dead links among older posts (revenge/diavolo rosso live; starved and delirious split ep, hiatus lp...). could you fix them up please? thanx! roman

  8. @ rob:

    thanks for the info! b.t.w. do you got any of the WALK THE PLANK releases? I´d be really curious to hear something from them!

    @ roman:

    thanks for your kind words!

    no, not the spark got lost but the original guitar player who wrote all the brilliant early stuff!
    yeah, the FIREPROOF 7" isn´t that great! no wonder it has songs from the 13 12"!

    I´ll re-up the dead links you mentioned as soon as I can. if there are more dead links just tell me!

  9. the meatlocker 12 " is okay but not as good as voorhees in my opinion.
    same goes for walk the's pretty boring music with ian doing a good job at the vocal department.

  10. You've all got to be smoking the crack! 13 is by far the best voorhees record, crystal lake legacy is just boring...

  11. hm, if you really think 13 is VOORHEES' best 12" it might be that you´re the one smoking crack!

    but even on crack I think 13 sucks!