Wednesday, June 18, 2008


here, the KINGS OF PUNK serve you a 6 song picture 10". I don´t where/from whom I got as I don´t listen to it much! in my eyes this is one of POISON IDEA´s weaker releases! sure, their G.I.S.M. cover DEATH, AGONY & SCREAMS (here in a live version) is cool and SAY GOODBYE (live) is a nice song but in 99,99% of the cases are live recordings something no one needs, like it these ones and the other 4 tracks aren´t among the best they ever did! b.t.w. I´m well aware of the fact that POISON IDEA´s DUTCH COURAGE live record is among the exceptions! anyway, it´s POISON IDEA so it can´t be bad (sad but true it can be far from brilliant though) and you got some pics to watch if the music bores you!

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