Monday, June 9, 2008


I´m not sure at the moment if this flexi 7" was VOORHEES` 1st release! actually it´s their demo pressed on a flexi and released by ARMED WITH ANGER rec. which released their 1st "real 7" too and it might be that the 7" was released before the flexi. this flexi would be the shit if the pressing plant wouldn´t have fucked up the whole printrun but that´s what happened and the flexi ended up on the wrong speed! that means if you don´t have a record player where you can adjust the speed manually you probably can´t listen to it at all! which would be really bad luck as this 14 tracks rip! I still wonder once in a while how VOORHEES managed to get away with lyrics like P.S.Y.S. (stands for PUNK SLUT YOU SUCK) without getting harrased by the PUNKPOLICE but as they had a lot of "jock/tough guy" lyrics too maybe the PUNKPOLICE just didn´t dare?


  1. RE: Jock lyrics... I have heard that Voorhees DID indeed get on the wrong side of many PC punks... But I also think that many people were willing to overlook the lyrical shortcomings because of the musical quality. Plus, Lecky's vocals are the best, no matter what the fuck he's saying.

  2. You don't need to adjust the speed manually, it should have been pressed as a 33rpm, but was pressed as a 45rpm by mistake, so it plays at a normal 45rpm speed, but because the grooves are too close together it sometimes skips.

    1. you're right! it should have been "adjust how much weight/pressure is put on the needle manually" instead of "adjust the speed manually"