Friday, January 16, 2009


is already out and it's name is... CLUBBED! beware not for the weak minded! there are plenty scenes with very violent content! as a matter of fact there are such violent scenes that my girlfriend refused to watch the whole movie. the movie is based on WATCH MY BACK, the 1st book of the world's most famous bouncer respected author and one of the world's leading authorities in self defense Geoff Thompson (whom you can see on 2 very short occasions in the movie). they blew up the story a little bit here and there, if you've read the book you'll recognize those parts but basically the movie follows the story of the book. to be honest i didn't expect the movie to be so bloodsoaked and violent which means that if you don't know the book getting the intention of the movie could be difficult. but don't worry I'll spell it out for you: the movie is about transformation, about the transformation of a coward into a man who stands his ground. the violence comes into play as that's the way he transforms himself, his way of therapy so to speak. also the movie has a lot of quotes from Sun-Tsu's THE ART OF WAR and other more philosophical stuff but it's hard to notice if you don't know it already side by side with the extreme violence! if you click the pic you'll get to a site where you can download CLUBBED!


  1. sounds good, thanks for the tip

  2. Always up for a good movie, thanx for the heads up Pope. It's been a while since I hit you up, I hope you and yours are well.

  3. @ anek:

    at your service!

    @ justin:

    nice to see you back here!

    for the good movie part: my girlfriend has bad dreams of the scene where somebody is nailed to a wall after being beaten up! so be warned!

  4. You convinced me.
    Awsome movie!!!
    Thx for the hint and the link!!

  5. at your service Rob!

    my girlfriend still hates the movie and even calls it disgusting!

    I love it and I'd like to add that Geoff is a very nice guy and a really awesome martial arts teacher!