Thursday, January 29, 2009


posting BG's 1st 7" got me in contact with Evan who played in BG, BENCHMARK and BURNED UP BLED DRY and was kind enough to send me rips of BG's demo and this 7". as I got this 7" myself in the meantime and his rip was done with just 128 kbits I decided to use my own rip. Evan said that this 7" would be much better than their 1st one and I agree 100%! it's not only tighter and has a better sound it has also better songs. you can really hear that they developed as band. they just played a re-union show so maybe you can also see them live if you're lucky! expect the BG demo to be posted soon!


  1. I've had this EP for a while... really good! Isn't BG related to Rash of Beatings? That's another awesome Southern grind band!

  2. i just saw the BG reunion three weeks ago (and many times before that), and to answer batguano's question, evan was in rash of beating when they first started, but quickly went on to spending his time with burned up bled dry. and yes, rash of beatings were phenomenal. sadly the last time i saw them was opening for spazz after that they just kind of dissolved.

  3. sweetbabyjaysus basically answered the question but let me ad that Tosh of R.O.B. went on to GOAT SHANTY which my old band took out on tour in Europe in 2000 and since that the guy owes me records which Evan of BG said did totally NOT surprise him as he owes many things to many people and dropped out of "the scene" in the last years! avoid the douchebag!