Sunday, January 18, 2009


what you see above is the cover of one of the 50 ultra-super-limited-to-only-50-copies-special-covers! a trick I will keep in mind for the records that I will release! the regular version has a printed front- and back-cover with drawings from Flo Bertmer the 50 ultra-super-limited-to-only-50-copies-special-covers are just full-color laser-prints on thick paper that are hand-numbered from 1 to 50. as you don't even get a back-cover you don't get a tracklist neither and the labels also won't tell you the songtitles. lyrics? fuck no! music-wise I've to say that I really like it! it's just 4 tracks that aren't as fast as you'd normally expect any AGORAPHOBIC NOSEBLEED track to be but I somehow like it. the 7"es coming with the ultra-super-limited-to-only-50-copies-special-covers are on red vinyl the ones with the regular covers came in 3 or 4 different vinyl colors!


  1. The ldt cover edition is part of the second press!

    The first pressing contains:
    Yellow vinyl (fucked up pre-order version): 50 copies
    Solid white vinyl: 150 copies;
    Yellow vinyl: 250 copies;
    Black vinyl: 350 copies;
    TOTAL: 800 copies

  2. shit, you're right! forgot to mention that!

  3. Your download link is broken...

    And this looks like a killer release.

  4. Thanks man. Your Blog is sick! Checkout some of my solo coprogrind.