Sunday, January 11, 2009


PAINDRIVER's THE TRUTH 7" that was released by SOUND POLLUTION in 1997 has been on my wantlist for quite some time but now I finally scored 2 copies. as PAINDRIVER's THIS HAS NO END 12" has been posted here already some time ago you should all be familiar with this outstanding band. in case you downloaded the 12" you are already familiar with some songs as they appear here as well as on the 12" but in different versions (read: re-recorded for the 12"). to my surprise Aaron's voice sounds a lot more ULCER-like here than on PAINDRIVER's later recordings (as ULCER are among the cream of the crop that's nothing to worry about) something I really didn't expect! 9 (the 1st and 2nd song blend into one another so I left it that way) vicious, fast and angry ragers and above all the voice of one of the best vocalists HARDCORE will ever see!


  1. oh yeah papst! i love so meuch paindriver. cool post. I'd like to ask you a favor don't you have the PLOT compilation? it contains german bands like acme, systral, ego trip, golgatha, stack etc. thanks once again and cheers!

  2. I don't have a physical copy of it but I've a rip of that comp. I found on the web that I could send your way.

  3. I would be very pleased if you could pass me that link :). thanks