Sunday, January 18, 2009


maybe you remember my post of the IRON LUNG / LORDS OF LIGHT split 7" that I posted cause when that split arrived in my den it was so wrapped that it wouldn't play properly and I had been told that the whole pressing was fucked up, bla bla (go back and read that post if you care). well, Marc a.k.a Batguano answered my call and sent me a rip of his (also wrapped) copy. 2 days later however I received an e-mail from Rudolf, the guy behind WURGAKKOORD one of the 2 labels that released the 7" telling me that the rumors about the whole pressing being fucked up aren't true and that he'd send me a non-fucked copy if I'd send him my postal address which I did.

weeks later another e-mail from Rudolf telling me he hasn't forgotten to send me the 7" he was just fucking busy. I took a look on his website, ordered some more records, sent him money via paypal and wrote him back that now I'd at least pay the postage for the 7". well, to make a long story short as I had overlooked some infos on his page I hadn`t sent enough money but as some stuff was sold out Rudolf told me that I had sent too much money and he'd send me some extra goodies cause of that and the delay! you can see the goodies (incl. DEVOID OF FAITH's 7" in a ltd. to 50 copies edition, on the pic below!

but the coolest thing he sent me is the IRON LUNG / LORDS OF LIGHT split 7" in an ultra ltd. edition cover that shows.... ME! thanks Rudolf!

oh, and the free download that was included in my copy of TRAP THEM's SEANCE PRIME 7" came with a PUNK AS FUCK "wallpaper" for computers in the archive! go get it below and score some PUNKpoints!

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