Sunday, January 11, 2009


I stumbled over a rip of HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH's demo from 2005 somewhere on the web some time ago as it has 16 tracks and the tape just had 15 I assume it's a rip from one of the 11 CD-R demos that had 1 bonustrack. HUMMINGBIRD OF DEATH call Boise/Idaho home, play fast as fuck HARDCORE (they've released a 5" with 20 tracks on it) and are among my favorite bands at the moment!


  1. this band is sick. that Chainsaw to the Face split rules.

  2. not to mention their GOATMEAL 20(!!!) song 5"!

  3. noise fest is happening in a few days in houston tx about 4 hours from san antonio where i live
    as a result i will get to see hummingbird of death on thursday in my town the day before the fest with knelt rote from portland who play brutal fastcore metallic grind, and pretty little flower. then on saturday voetsek is coming down, i am super happy since i cant make it to houston, plus most bands that play in houston on saturday are playing in austin(about an hour and half from me) on sunday, i cant go but its still cool. sunday i will be in my town seeing caulfield, dark crust hc.
    ray ss