Saturday, January 10, 2009


I expect IRISHDAVE and MALISHA666 to be with me on this little slab of plastic as they were among those that were really into my last MIND posts. in case you missed those: MIND were a 2 piece from Berlin playing fierce CRUST. both of the 2 were from Poland but lived in Berlin and their singer/guitarist Dzuma is an old friend of mine that I lost contact, so in case anybody can hook me up with him or Raffi who did the vocals in Berlin's EMBARGO drop me a line!


  1. Yeah, that'd be pretty awesome to get a physical copy of No Fate Vol.3. How much would you let one go for? And yeah, if you could post a rip of that B.A.T./Benumb Split, it would be much appreciated!

  2. thanks for this
    i got the split with distress from holland (boycot members i think)
    i like mind, never knew they are polish.

  3. I've that split too. didn't know DISTRESS shared members with BOYCOTT but that would explain why they are so boring! not many bands suck like BOYCOTT!

  4. i love boycot and distress too
    hey ona side note
    do you have any shark attack

  5. I'm sorry ray but I don't have anything from SHARK ATTACK