Saturday, February 16, 2008


as divshare, to quote Mr. Lo-RES VISCERA can eat a bag of dicks here are some new download links for some of the stuff that is uploaded there! I had a new link for the QUATTRO STAGIONI 7" as well but as there was a comment from someone called GRIND saying: now download reup on the QUATTRO STAGIONI post I decided that GRIND can eat a bag of dicks too and excluded it! I´m sorry for the rest of you! if you´d like to know how I think you should approach somebody when asking for a favor is described in older posts! so here we go, have fun with: RUIDO - 6 WEEKS 7" / HAIL JAPCORE! / BOMBS OF DEATH / ACRID SPLIT 7" / BLOOD FEAST - WAR IN A BABYLON 7" / FEARLESS VAMPIRE KILLERS - RETURN TO ROOTS 8" / BURNED OUT - GEBALLTE LADUNG 7" / H100S - DISTORT CLEVELAND 7" / WILBUR COBB / HEWHOCORRUPTS SPLIT 7" / CONFRONTATION - DEAD AGAINST THE WAR 7" / MIND - INNER WEAKNESS 10" / BURNED UP BLED DRY - KILL THE BODY KILL THE SOUL 7" / MIND / DISTRESS SPLIT 7" / SCALPLOCK / SHORT HATE TEMPER SPLIT 7" / REVENGE 10" /


  1. die wilburr cobb/hewhocorrupts split hab ich letzens fürn euro inner cheapokiste gefunden.
    glück gehabt hehe!

  2. cheers for blood feast!
    - stiener