Saturday, February 16, 2008


just came back from the cinema, where I saw MIA SAN DAGENG a kind of documentary of PUNKROCK in Munich from 1977 to now! if you speak german watch this movie if you don´t speak german watch this movie too! never before seen footage and the most important thing is: this was done by PUNKS that had no money (NO BUDGET NOT LOW BUDGET) and no clue but did it in spite of that!


  1. Is there any way I can download this documentary? I don't think they'll show it in the greek cinemas!!
    by the way I was in Munich last july with some friends and we thought that there were no punks there 'cause we didn't saw anyone!

  2. achtung, ich wollen deisen movie sehen jawohl!

  3. more infos on the movie here:
    you can buy the film there or talk to them to bring it in a cinema near you! worth watching, yes! don´t know if and when where you can d/l this movie as it´s brand new!