Sunday, February 3, 2008


Some bad news:You probably know about the changes in Divshare server. You could make an account there and upload as many files as you want and there was no bandwidth limit for downloads. This was the situation until the guys there decided to give 5 GB storage and 50 GB of downloads per month. There is no storage problem but 50 GB downloads per month is not enough and makes things difficult: The new shit started in January 17 and we are at 82% , this is because of the blog visits=downloads but also because of something else:Divshare counts as download not really the download but the simple click to open the page before the download starts,if you cancel the download by leaving the page,Divshare counts the entering to the page as one time download, some times it counts twice or thrice one download (i ve discovered that comparing the number of downloads in 4shared and divshare, divshare gives always bigger numbers, sometimes the double, while 4share is most accourate in counting . That means Divshare somehow cheats but we can not prove it..Divshare did this for their own reasons($$$$) since the solution for this problem is to upgrade your account and get 10 times bigger bandwidth. I guess none will upgrade,am i wrong?so if we reach the limit you have to be patient...
fuck em! I´ll split my upploads and use other servers!

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  1. my bandwidth limit reached 85% yesterday, today is in 59% maybe they checked the double counting, your divshare links are active