Monday, February 11, 2008


I found this review of INSECT WARFARE´s 1st 12" on the web and as the description is 100% accurate I took it for for their GULF COAST INFESTATION demo!
INSECT WARFARE have no random clean interludes and spazzed-out 'jazz' sections. They don't dress up in costumes resembling bugs, nor do they pretend to be anything other than a bunch of guys playing music. What they do is blast pure grindcore into any listener's ears; this means heavily distorted and massive guitar tones, frantic drumming, and every growl and croak imaginable.
World Extermination, their first full length, puts every aspect of INSECT WARFARE's music on display. Songs such as "Self Termination" and "Necessary Death" maintain a constant heaviness and speed that at times almost resembles old-school death metal. Others bring more diversity, incorporating more groove-oriented sections in between the blasts of cymbals and noise. They even manage to write a few catchy riffs in the process, including those in "Hydrophobia" and "Enslaved by Machinery".
If you want a soundtrack to a nuclear holocaust, pandemic, or the enslavement of Earth by extraterrestrial beings - look no further than World Extermination. Your face will melt.

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