Saturday, February 23, 2008


so here you got the 4 CITIZENS ARREST tracks that were on the SONGS FOR THE SOCIALLY RETARDED tape comp. as my copy is something like the re-release on THRASHING MAD tapes from the U.K. my copy has very authentic sound! that is especially true for the live versions of I WON´T ALLOW and EXISTENCE IS BUT AN ILLUSION... anyway as CITIZENS ARREST were the best band that ever existed...who cares about rough sound? if you do stop crying me a river and leave my blog now!

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  1. Any chance on a re-up for the Citizens Arrest 'Light in the Darkness' 7"? I agree with you 100% about this band... they definitely do RIP!

    Thanks for your hard work... you've hooked me up with lots of new and awesome albums that I'm going to be playing at high volumes to people who will appreciate them!