Saturday, February 23, 2008


two of the best bands when it comes down to what is called POWER VIOLENCE! the 2 piece from the U.S. called IRON LUNG and Glasgow's SHANK. on their split 12" they both rip through 17 songs (10 from IRON LUNG & 7 from SHANK) in 17 something minutes with a lyric sheet shaped like a coffin! I love IRON LUNG but they are no match for SHANK as SHANK are fiercer, angrier... they are one of those bands that make hate become music!

I re-upped this one not only cause it was hosted on divshare but also cause I found this upload on the internet which has an untitled bonus track - can anybody tell me something about that track?

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  1. Hadn't heard this one before. Been digging Iron Lung for a while now and just got turned on to Shank from the Low Res site. Thanx for sharing this one.