Friday, February 15, 2008


Swedish Grinders BIRDFLESH vs. U.S. Thrashers CATHETER... hm, to be honest this is not exactly the best work of both bands! it´s still good but somehow...


  1. Great posts as always but I just wanted to let you know that this is the wrong file and that all of the HTML for the MediaFire links are messed up. They're coming to a blank blogger page because they're linking like this (replace the ( with < and the ) with >): href="">

    When they should be like this (again, replace the ( with < and the ) with >):
    (a href="">Birdflesh vs. Catheter(/a)

    Again, its the wrong link so it will link to The Dagda rather than the Birdflesh and Catheter split even though that's what it says. Sorry, I don't know how familiar you are with HTML, so I figured I'd try to explain it as simple as possible. If you still need help, feel free to email me:

  2. thanks for telling me! I fixed the links, at least I hope so!