Monday, February 4, 2008

AS GOOD AS DEAD (the 2nd)

on request from Hr. Chris Approach I ripped GOMORRHA´s AS GOOD AS DEAD cd again! this time it´s 192 kBit/s and tagged! as far as the music is concerned: this is still top notch GRINDCORE played at breakneck speed with dual vox where one is doing the growling and the other one is doing the screaming! contains the tracks from the split 7” with TUMULT with way better sound!


  1. This is amazing! I don't know how I never heard this before - just brilliant!
    Thanks your Holiness

  2. Grindcore der besseren Sorte ! Ich liebe ihre Platten!

  3. fucking hails!!!
    ripping grind yourface off
    makes my teeth ache
    and make not want to wash my hair

  4. congratulations...
    it's a fucking great blog, with so fucking great noisy songs...