Sunday, February 3, 2008


I ripped this for Hr. IrishDave who bought the record and got it fucked up before he could listen to it! as I had it ripped anyway I thought I could post it for everybody as well! some of the tracks (those by WUTENTBRANNT & BURNED OUT) have been posted already!

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  1. Danke! Danke! Danke! I have been ill for a few weeks with bad M.S. symptoms, and haven't been much in the mood for blogging - or indeed listeming to much music either, but this certainly has cheered my up a lot,(but not actually cured me :-( )- I should get back to blogging in a day or two. BTW - it looks like we might be doing a week in Munich instead of 3 days! Will keep you updated.
    Thanks again!