Saturday, December 20, 2008


I'll re-activate my label! the 1st 2 releases will be out in late January / February 2009! after those 2 there are some more things I'd love to do. one of them being a split 7" for which I need a second band! if you think that your band deserves to be on that split try and convince me that your band is reliable and that you put some pride in what you're doing (that means if you leave a comment with a link to a shitty done 128 kbits mp3 rip of your shitty recorded demo you failed!)! if you think you could succeed contact me via e-mail but be prepared that if I don't know you and your band you'll have to send me a physical copy of your demo, 7", whatever by snail mail and that is not negotiable!
ATTENTION: if you play in some shitty OI, POPPUNK, GORE- or PORNGRIND band and are really stupid enough to try be prepared to be ridiculed and mocked in nearly all of my future posts here on this blog!


  1. It's fucking rad you're bringing it back. Single dudes putting out bands they love is how the underground should work.

  2. I'm sure Drug Problem would kill for a split ep!!

  3. Nice stuff!!!

    Let shope your Christian fundamentalist prosecutors don't rip each of your label releases and spread links ON THE SATANISTIC INTERWEB!!!



  4. hi there im from canada and i have a couple of bands from where i live whi kick serious ass,let me know how i can set this up i think they would be right up yr ally!! theres my email!

  5. Ich hätte Bock einige Cd only releases auf Vinyl zu pressen, aber dafür fehlt mir das Geld!
    Viel Glück mit deinem Label

  6. This is exciting news! I look forward to sending you all my money.

  7. thanks to all that wished me good luck!

    @ Slobo:

    I hope they'll do that cause then I'd sue them to their bottom $ for violating copyrights! hahahahaha

    @ STIG(NZ):

    you have mail once again!

    @ Rob:

    ja, hätt ich auch. mal schauen...

    @ Irish Dave:

    in most cases pre-orders will get limited colored vinyl! hahahahahaha

    @ cory:

    you'll get mail!