Wednesday, December 10, 2008


if you've any doubts that the Swedes are nation of madmen go and visit Slobo's blog to correct your opinion or watch Lukas Moodyson's movie A HOLE IN MY HEART! I've always been into movies and I've seen a lot of weird stuff but this movie is among the 5 most disturbing movies I've seen till now! my younger brother gave it to me and said "this is something more up your alley than mine!" and he was dead right! A HOLE IN MY HEART tells the story of Richard, a loser whose wife is dead, who is hated by his son and hangs out with his buddy Geko, who's a loser too day in day out playing video games, talking shit and/or shooting amateur porn movies with Tess, a 21 year old girl from the neighborhood! if you think that this is just another pornflick - you're wrong! basicaly it's a movie about people that "aren't free of feelings even when those feelings are all lying in a pool of shit!". it's something like a brilliant, yet disturbing mirror of the times we live in! you've been warned (but should watch it nevertheless!)!


  1. Seriously this movies sucks so much ass it's almost funny but in the end it's not. He made it just to piss on his stardom here in Sweden. No deeper meaning even if some pseudos try to find some substance in there.

  2. where did I write anything about "substance" or "deeper meaning"?

    seems like you didn't get me!

  3. Disturbing Movies ? Da habe ja die Japaner die Nase vorn haha.

  4. Saw it at a film festival, and it has its moments. I don't think it's a movie you'd want to watch again, because everyone is so damn sad.

  5. @ CY:

    findest du? was denn z.b.? den nippon kram fand ich eigentlich immer nur ganz kurzweilig.
    da sind der hier, die 120 tage von sodom, baise moi, etc. schon andere kaliber.
    verstörend find ich eher was die im richtigen leben treiben, otakus und all das zeug.

    @ xinit:

    I guess you could be right! most people won't even watch the whole movie!

  6. Why did you assume I was talking about you? Seems like you have a feeling of being under attack all the time?

  7. I grew up having 2 brothers, I guess that conditioned me in a way!

    but re-reading your 1st comment, how could I assume you weren`t talking to me?

  8. Zieh Dir mal Men Behind The Sun, oder Untold Story rein. Könnte aber auch Hongkongkram sein, bin mir da nicht so sicher. Kranke Filme ! Da werden die letzten Tabus gebrochen. Viele Szenen wären für europäische Produktionen undenkbar. Aus Frankreich wäre da noch der Menschenfeind.

  9. MEN BEHIND THE SUN I & II - an eben die hab ich gedacht! fand ich ganz unterhaltsam - mehr aber auch nicht!


    Menschenfeind is auch n harter streifen!

  10. menschenfeind ist ein hammer..

  11. jack lucifer said...

    menschenfeind ist ein hammer..

    und da hat er recht!