Wednesday, December 10, 2008


when I found the CD version for 1 buck I bought it in spite of the fact that I have TERRORIZER's WORLD DOWNFALL already at home on vinyl. and as it's still one of my all-time faves but is hard to get on vinyl (and the few that one could get once in a while usually sell for a small fortune) I decided to rip and post it! in case you have lived a your life hermit style the last 20 years and really never heard of this band you know now that it was a kind of a project featuring Pete Sandoval (MORBID ANGEL) on drums, David Vincent (MORBID ANGEL) on bass, Jesse Pintado (NAPALM DEATH) on guitar and Oscar Garcia (NAUSEA /L.A.) on vocals. those 4 guys recorded one of the fastest, hardest and one of the most brutal albums the wold has seen till now! if you just know their 2nd album that was released just some years ago and maybe don't know what I'm talking about here - let me tell you that DARKER DAYS AHEAD looks in direct comparsion to WORLD DOWNFALL like a warm summerwind to a hurricane! if you don't own this record in some form: D O W N L O A D ! N O W ! ! !


  1. It's a fucking legend of a record, I've been giving this a thrashing lately. Their second record sucks dick :) Hey Pope how the fuck are ya?

    I'm laying down the new Drug Problem recording this weekend, should be killer. Also we're (Gawj) playing support to Lebenden Toten in Jan. Fuck yeah.

    Your blog is the fucking mean shit as always.

  2. Besitze und kenne es eigentlich auch nur als Vinyl. Da hat wohl Earache die CD erst kürzlich nachgereicht ?
    Hammerscheibe !

  3. @ STiG(NZ):

    you got mail!

    @ CY:

    also wenn du mit kürzlich so um die 10 jahre meinst dann hast du recht!

    gibt's schon ewig auf CD. wenn ich mich nicht täusche kam die TERRORIZER CD ungefähr zeitgleich mit der GRINDCRUSHER CD auf den markt und das dürfte mittlerweile 10 jahre her sein!

    meine 12" davon ist meine 3te, meine 1ste hab ich vertauscht, hab binnen 8 wochen ne neue die ich dann kurz drauf wieder vertauscht hab, dann aber fast 2 1/2 jahre gebraucht um an meine 3te zu kommen!
    das war mir ne lehre! die wird nicht mehr vertauscht!

  4. I have this on vinyl, earache-16, original press I beleive (bought in the early 90's) won't sell it though, fucking love this record, downloading now 'cause my turntable is fucked, thanks a lot dude

  5. at your service!

    you can recognize a 1st press on the color of the frontcover - there are covers that look like the CD cover, then there are cover that have a touch of blue (?) added and there's one more I think. but I've forgotten which color stands for which pressing...

    but honestly who gives a fuck? this record slays no matter what pressing it is!

  6. Fucking A this is good shit. I've heard a few newer songs but they pale in no comparison.

  7. mine is green(ish).. yeah, i don't give a shit, haha... mine came without an insert, so i xeroxed the insert from a copy that a buddy of mine had

    this is a timeless classic..

    the NAUSEA (oscar's band) "crimes against humanity" is fucking great too, had this on vinyl too

    cheers man

  8. NAUSEA where nice too! I think they're somehow connected to ENDLESS DEMISE. I could be wrong though. check Sean's DAMAGING NOISE blog in case you want to be sure!

    @ shanetera:

    I told you about direct comparison ;-)

  9. yeah, some ex-NAUSEA dude is on ENDLESS DEMISE, they rule too


  10. Terrorizer wasn't a project band. I still know Garvey (original bassist) and he was in jail when they got offered the LP deal. So David Vincent sessioned on bass.

    You should see the new artwork I did for the new Nausea LP ;)

  11. you're right they weren't a project that's why I wrote "kind of a project" as I was lacking a better description!

    is the NAUSEA artwork the artwork that was up on your blog some time ago?

  12. Nope! Different color art!!!