Wednesday, December 10, 2008


when I was driving to the mail office this morning to pick up the records you can see above I also saw those asscandles you can see on the picture below! truth be told: I didn't get what was happening there in the beginning as the big yellow house they're waving their stupid Mary pics and crosses at is a medical center that happens to have a sex-shop in it in the basement and so I thought it's cause of the sex-shop till my girlfriend opened the window and heard somebody say something about murder! when she said murder the bell in my rang - those retards were there to protest against abortion! this was the 1st time I ever saw something like that in my hometown and so I took 2 pics while driving! they aren't really my best work but as I was driving and took them with my cellphone they are still ok! what you can't see is that there were nearly as many cops as X-tians and I really mean that they were nearly equal in numbers! I'd have loved to start a "discussion" with them and fuck their heads a little bit but my girlfriend had no time! what's still in my head are questions like: why have there been so many cops? as the cops were standing on the side looking at the people coming nearer I'd say to protect the asscandles (from whom or whatever?)? what kind of X-tians were they? from the little I could hear I'd dare to say they belong to a fundamentalistic branch most likely! I saw something on TV about the rise of those retards in Germany a short time ago and it seems like they were right when saying that it's possible that we'll see the bombing of clinics, the murders of pro-choice activists, etc. in our country in a not so distant future if nobody interferes! ha, as they choose my city to start the future looks bright! at least for me cause everytime I'm bored I'll embarass or ridicule one of those dumb-ass retards in public when they are out to get souls for their god!
I hereby admit that Aesop was the 1st one I saw that used the word ass-candle but as I really liked it I decided to "steal" it from him and from now on use it without any shame in at least every 3rd post!


  1. both those scapegoat and soul swallower rex are pretty greeeeeeeat

  2. I think I played the SOUL SWALLOWER 7" 15 times today and I'm listening to it at the moment!

  3. You don't know how happy it makes me to see the word '"ass candle" catching on. Awesome. ANd great usage too, those people are definitely classic examples of ass candles