Thursday, December 25, 2008


some days ago I received this e-mail: "Hey, My name's Ian and I sing for Korova, a hardcore band from Birmingham, AL. We recorded a full length recently and we're trying to get the word out. I'm contacting some blogs I read/download from regularly and hoping maybe some of you guys would be into putting the record up on your site as a download. I've included the mediafire link to the album below. Thanks a ton for listening, let me know what you think!" after I had downloaded ANOTHER HAPPY CUSTOMER I recognized that there was no artwork and no lyrics included. so I did a little search on KOROVA's myspace page but couldn't find any lyrics there again! so I wrote Ian an e-mail and told him if he wants me to post their stuff he'd have to send me artwork and lyrics! which he did - more or less! he sent me the artwork and told me that he'll "put up a new MySpace blog with all the lyrics in it!" their lyrics are kind of strange (covering a lot of topics from drinking to serial killers) but never dumb! besides their 80ies U.S. styles HARDCORE they got some spoken word stuff going on here too. really a band worth checking out! if you click on the cover above you'll get the music click the pic below and you'll get to their myspace site!

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