Monday, December 8, 2008


Marc a.k.a. Batguano the man behind the FUGITIVE EQUILIBRIUM blog had a post in which he requested information on any band for which Tati (LOST WORLD, APOCALIPSTIX, etc.) did the vocals. I pointed out ANIMAL BONDAGE to him, promised to rip their split 12" with Canada's FIERCE and forgot it! then I recieved an e-mail from Jose who had read my comment on Marc's blog and asked if I could send him a link for the rip too. the problem was I had no link to send him as I hadn't ripped the 12" yet. I've forgotten that I promised to rip the 12" as I told you already! thanks to the poke in the eye from Jose I finally ripped it now! the 12" was released in 1996 or 1997 by SUSPIRIA Rec. the label of LOST WORLD bassplayer Gülle, which means cattle excrements in German b.t.w., but the recordings were made 10 years earlier in 1986! it's not as thight as LOST WORLD but it already points in that direction! dual male/female vocals too! the Canadians on the flipside are a little fiercer (that one was a must!) than the Germans and if I wouldn't have read it in the lyric booklet I wouldn't have recognized that their dual vocals are also done by people of the opposite sex! as I ripped it with 320 kbits and scanned the complete artwork/lyric booklet the rip was to big for one file! so if you click on the ANIMAL BONDAGE cover you'll get the lyrics and if you'll click on the FIERCE cover you'll get the music!
the split was limited to 1000 (?) and came in different colors. my 2 remaining copies are in 2 different blue.


  1. This is great! Thank you sooo much! I wasn't expecting Animal Bondage to be so fast and aggressive; a welcome surprise! I also had no idea these musicians had been at it since the mid eighties... hard to believe, but I believe it. Thanks for the high bit rate too... you're the best.

  2. Thanks alot! (This is Jose)

    It definately is more aggressive then I expected, much more of a "punkrock" attitude then Day by Day or Lost World.

    I also created my own blog, so maybe in the future you'll find something of interest on it! Cya!

  3. Thanx for this post. I've never even heard of this band and since Tati is one of my favourite singers too I'll get this too. I know what's gonna be posted soon on RN. It's time for another Day By Day 7". Heh! Thanx for the inspiration. Cheers.

  4. Just realised who the guy on Fierce cover is. It's Rahan. I loved that comics as a kid. They have plus for that alone in my book.

  5. glad you like it!

    @ malisha:

    now that you said it: yup it's Rahan - didn't recognize that before!