Thursday, December 18, 2008


thanks to the EL PASO Rec. website I found a link where one can download San Francisco based MAN AMONG WOLVES free 5 track EP which was released by a "netlabel" called KITTY ON FIRE. I'd have a question for the "netlabel" dudes: why are your files ripped with ridiclous 128 kbits? do you want your bands to sound like shit? as you run a "netlabel" you should at least try to pretend you put some pride in your bands and in what you do! the low quality rip couldn't fuck up MAN AMONG WOLVES 5 songs enough so you can imagine that this 2 piece is quite good at what they're doing! their myspace told me: "Formed in 2008, Man Among Wolves is a grind/hardcore band. We keep it loud, fast and short." that's pretty true!


  1. Good blog friend, Greetings from Chile

  2. A bit unrelated but...
    Dear god man, I just found out yesterday that you have awesome amounts of Scalplock here, so huge thanks for that!

  3. @ nekro:


    @ zamj:

    no need to thank me! their singer ripped me off and so I'm ripping them off in return by posting all their stuff so no one needs to buy from their ass-candle douchebag singer!

  4. how do you make good rips
    i am just learning to rip my vinyl
    i use audacity with makes 192kbs i think
    how do you make 320 kbs


    I use FreeRip - the basic version is free and reliable and makes rips up to 320 kbits. besides that it also converts files to wav, ogg, etc.