Monday, December 8, 2008


if you visit my blog on a regular basis I think you know that INSECT WARFARE is a band that really slays! this is their split with Nippon's CARCASS GRINDER and here you get 4 more tracks of ELITIST ASSHOLE GRIND on INSECT WARFARE's side of the split and 5 tracks of JAPGRIND on the flipside. truth be told I just listen to the INSECT WARFARE side! it's not that CARCASS GRINDER wouldn't be good it's just that they are no match for INSECT WARFARE! as a matter of fact if you aren't HATRED SURGE sharing a split with INSECT WARFARE might not be the smartest thing to do as they'll make your band look weak! came in nice colored vinyl!


  1. Truth be told about Insect Warfare they fucking melt my bones.

  2. i love carcass grinder i got a split 7'' with them and a band from spaing i forgot the name i feel so dumb but they ar egood too i wanna say excreted alive or something like that icould just check but am too lazy