Saturday, December 20, 2008


it's once again time for some SHANK! so here's the SHANK / MINUTE MANIFESTO split 7" that I actually didn't rip cause of the SHANK stuff as their 6 tracks all appear on their semi discography THE CURSE OF SHANK but cause of MINUTE MANIFESTO! they are another awesome band that somehow never drew much attention. they rip through 7 pissed off, raging tracks of their own and throw in a STUPIDS cover that also really slays as icing on the gravy! this was the 1st SHANK record I bought. I bought it at their show in Munich where they played with a band that was called HERNANDEZ if I remember correct. everybody seemed to like HERNANDEZ cause they "tried to do their own thing" which would translate to they used a keyboard but I found them boring especially as they played after SHANK! be prepared for the MINUTE MANIFESTO / URKO split 12" in the near future!

you'll find the re-up of the IRON LUNG / SHANK split 12" if you click the cover! a really rad record now with scans of the lyrics!


  1. Anything with Shank and/or Iron Lung tends to be rad, and, listening to Minute Manifesto, I'm starting to think they deserve the title too.

    Thanks for these goodies!

  2. haha, funny. I scored this 7" in Finland 2 weeks ago for 3 Euro and was so happy, cause I love Shank since the split with Scalplock (which is an unearthly amazing release). so thanks a ton for having this digitally as well.

  3. I should have mentioned that the writing round the label on SHANK's side says: FUCK U.K. HC! and in case of SCALPLOCK's singer I tend to agree! hahaha!

  4. I've listened to the Iron Lung/Shank split (which rules) and I've been hungry for more Shank ever since. Minute Manifesto seems promising too. Thanks for posting.


  5. Shank// Endless Blockade split 7" is out now

    at that Munich show didn't some terrible old people punk band play and they had a reggae song about solidarity?

    or was that some other show on that tour?

  6. nope, Munich was just SHANK and HERNANDEZ (?)!

    where, can I get the 7"?