Wednesday, December 24, 2008


cause X-mas sucks big time here's the ULTRA-SUPER-MEGA-SATANIC X-MAS POST! as I believe most of the stuff below to be still in print I'll take down the link after X-mas!

edit: as X-mas is over I took down the d/l-link! go buy the records!

what could be better to start with than a record called CHRIST KILLER? if your answer was nothing you're right! ORDER OF THE VULTURE play a great mix of HARDCORE and BLACK METAL! fast and furious, great vocals! a really great band! came in white wax, with a sticker and a poster!

next are Canada's LEGION DCLXVI a.k.a. LEGION 666 with the 2 songs (one is a CRUDE S.S. cover) from their split 7" with BOMBSTRIKE which is called TEMPLE OF BLASPHEMY and fits here in very well. as that doesn't count for BOMBSTRIKE I've left out their songs! LEGION DCLXVI play a great mix of HARDCORE and BLACK METAL too. one of the best bands around at the moment!

I guess VENOM need no introduction?

edit: the ORDER OF THE VULTURE tracks are now edited! please download again if your archive didn't contain the HARM'S WAY 7"!

as this years X-mas sucks dick like not many before here's the ULTRA-SUPER-MEGA-SATANIC X-MAS POST # 2

brilliant! plain simple! and the only band that was already posted! so click their cover to get some more information on SATANIC THREAT and download link!

the HARM'S WAY 7" is here just for their intros!


  1. Legion DCLXVI are awesome! Have they released anything else?

  2. a lot of stuff! go to their website there's a discography!