Saturday, December 13, 2008


there was some discussion going on when I posted EARTH CRISIS FIRESTORM 7" (click on the cover to go to the actual post) and I said I'd write something after reading through the information provided by Buske and Guav and in spite of having the feeling of not really being able to say much about the things you 2 guys were talking about I'll try my best to write something reasonable!
the problem is that most of the things you said have been written in response to what Aesop said and not to the things I said. I said that "I´m sure most of the people felt pretty dangerous and revolutionary at that moment and some maybe saw themselves as part of an underground army even days after the show!" and that "the problem is that this would be the most revolutionary act the majority of those people would ever commit! EARTH CRISIS delivered the soundtrack to a revolution that was already postponed before it began!" and I still think that's true. I don't have any inside knowledge or personal experiences with them as you 2 do have that's why I've to base my opinion on their lyrics and on what Karl said on stage at the shows I saw and as a matter of fact some of his statements could have been straight from L. Strauss no matter what his background might be. that's just my impression and maybe it's different to you cause you know those guys or maybe it's just that I'm from Europe and things here aren't as fucked up as in the U.S. (yet)?
another point is that Karl's lyrics (not so much on the 7"es but on the full-lengths) are not really written in a way that would make it easy to understand them as a non native-speaker.

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