Thursday, December 11, 2008


as I told you already in the post before I got new records today and therefore have a reason to "preach" again! thanks to MOSH EISLEY I discovered SOUL SWALLOWER! even though this 7" was released in 2005 I heard their name for the 1st time just a short time before I found the rip on the web. I think I played it 15 times today! if you like your HARDCORE fast, brutal and fueled by hate and despair you should give SOUL SWALLOWER's awesome 7" a try! I'm very, very sure you won't be disappointed! the only thing I would like better if done in a different way is the order of the tracks! the way they appear on the 7" is 4 tracks on side 1 vs. 2 tracks on side 2 and as those 2 tracks are a little bit slower than the 4 tracks on side 1 I'd dare to say 3/3 would've been a better order as it sounds tighter that way! anyway, great record!

a short time ago I made a post telling you how fuckig brilliant I'd consider CALIFORNIA LOVE's REAPING THE WHIRLWIND 12" to be. well, today I got their CAN'T WASTE DEATH 12" and guess what - it is also a fucking brilliant record! 12 devastating fierce and vicious songs on a 12" that comes in a heavy cardboard cover, with the artwork and the tracklist silkscreened on it in different colors and has a running time so short I'm 100% sure it could have been released as a 10" without any problems and maybe even as a 7"! as you can see on the post I did on their other 12" Aaron, who plays in CALIFORNIA LOVE, is a visitor of my blog and if you think I just wrote this here cause he promised to send me their new recordings after they are finished - you caught me red handed! don't forget to tell your friends about it and how fucking sell-out I am and tell them I'm the one who spoiled PUNK too!

thanks to Chris of CRUSTCRACKER I stumbled across LEGION DCLXVI (= LEGION 666) another fucking awesome and unique Canadian band! unique cause they dare to carry the BLACK METAL / satanism thing further than anybody else in the whole world wide PUNK / HARDCORE scene (except ORDER OF THE VULTURE maybe)! the cover of this 12" isn't so "satanic" (well it is if you've understood what a "satanic" cover is by the definition of a satanist and not by the definition of an idiot desperately trying to make it something like reverse X-tianity) but the cover of their DIE SCHEISSE CHRISTUS CD released on YELLOW DOG Rec. caused some trouble in liberal Sweden cause of the cover! music-wise the mix of HARDCORE and (early) BLACK METAL works really great! if you like the "more PUNK in it IMPALED NAZARENE stuff" you should definitely give them a listen! another point that should be mentioned is that they've really good lyrics! (I admit I haven't read all, yet!) and that the package is top notch too! my 12" came with 2 of the poster below in red with black stains vinyl and a nice looking lyric sheet!


  1. New California Love recordings? Are you serious? If so, fucking awesome, I thought they broke up, new recordings bring hope to my bleak existence.

  2. yup, I'm serious! go there and read for yourself:

  3. Legion 666 are amazing live. Kinda like standing in front of a jet engine. They are totally under rated and should be well known. The artwork is just the icing on the cake. My favourite record by them is their first 7" on Ugly Pop followed by their first CD. The first CD has their best artwork included as a poster.

    Thanks for the post.

    Simon from Toronto.

  4. Simon, thanks for leaving a comment!

    truth is I haven't heard neither their 1st 7" nor their 1st CD. I just got their new one and their splits with BOMBSTRIKE & SICK TERROR!