Thursday, April 23, 2009


THANKS! for having been my partner in crime and my best friend for the last 10+ years!

cause we played this 7" over and over again while we did one line of blow after the other way back when I included a link here too!
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


ages ago I made a post that had rips of all 4 REALITY compilations in one folder. as you may have guessed the bitrate and therefore the quality of those rips wasn't exactly brilliant so here's the REALITY PART #3 compilation 12" that features: LOS CRUDOS, INFEST, RUIDO, MK-ULTRA, BLACK ARMY JACKET, CHARLES BRONSON, DROPDEAD, PHOBIA, BENÜMB & HELLNATION amongst some others ripped with 320 kbits, with proper tags and including the lyric sheet!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


an all European compilation CD that features: BILE, GRIZZLY ADAMS, CUMSHOT, OBLITERATION, P.T.A.O. and my friends the Cologne city rockers WILBUR COBB. given that info you should already know that you need this for WILBUR COBB alone! this CD was released on the French EMERGENCE label and came in just a cardboard sleeve with not that much info a.k.a. lyrics, in P.T.A.O.'s case not even song titles. hit the friendly faces below to d/l!


actually the request just asked if I could add a track list but when I saw that it was just ripped with 128 kbits I made a new rip (with 320 kbits and properly tagged) and incl. the lyrics. I can't give you the whole artwork as I just have a self-made CD with CAPTAIN CLEANOFF's 1st MCD and the BLOWER / WADGE split CD on it. that's the reason the track numbers on the old post started with 12/33 which some other rips I d/l from other blogs happen to have in common with my old rip. just as the the 128 bitrate, hmmm... click on the cover to get to the re-up!

Saturday, April 18, 2009


on a request from Billy of 7" CRUST you get ASMODINAS LEICHENHAUS' 7" here. German FASTCORE with highly political lyrics was what they were about. as it's fucking early in the morning I'll leave it like that!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


as a friend of mine had this on CD I ripped the WIDESPREAD BLOODSHED / BRODY'S MILITIA split once again with 320 kbits. click on the cover!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


through confidential sources I got a rip of LEBENSREFORM's PUNKIN' tape from 1997. LEBENSREFORM were from Hamburg and part of what was called NORTHCORE by some. they shared memebers with LOXIRAN, LINSAY and others. their singer Gonzo also did a zine called HORIZONS. as you might be familar with them cause I've posted their 2 7"es, their split 7" with KINDLE and their split 5" with SLIGHT SLAPPERS before I'll leave it like that!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


to praise Mr. Apocalypse cause he posted SANGRAAL's GEMINI WARS demo tape on his blog which I was trying to track down for 8 years without luck till now you got another GEHENNA, IRON LUNG, FALL SILENT, etc. related post: here's UGLY REFLECTION the 2nd and last 12" of Reno's VAE VICTIS. with the exception of their 2 tracks on the RENO - WHERE DREAMS COME TO DIE comp. 12" I think their entire discography should now be posted? it's a rather short one anyway those 2 compilation tracks, a split 7" with AHRIMAN, their 1st 12" and their 2nd full-length here. VAE VICTIS was born from the ashes of EVERSKWELCH (from which I never heard just a single track from). VAE VICTIS was active from 1997 until 2001. in their short lifetime VAE VICTIS managed to completely convince me that they are a really great band! they had dark lyrics, song titles like SLOW SUICIDE, over pounding drums and razor sharp guitars and of course the necessary METAL parts included in their song-writing to make it work!

Monday, April 6, 2009


if you ask yourself who the fuck is SICK/TIRED you could click on the pic below the download button which leads to their myspace page which is happy to tell you that: "Sick/Tired formed summer of 2008 in DeKalb, IL. Members have done time in Right To Remain, MK-Ultra, Layers of Twat, Weekend Nachos, Funeral Fuck Toy, Crazy Stallion, MZRCDXVL, Exalted, Inverted, Masters of Bation, Sexual Chocolate, etc. We have a 12 song demo tape that is now available and we are looking to play some shows." but I can tell you that that information is outdated! they have been in a studio and recorded 19 tracks for a 12" and are looking for a label that would like to release it! I uploaded 4 of the 19 tracks so you can hear for yourself that they are an awesome band! it takes SICK/TIRED about 25 min. to rush through 18 tracks of what is called, you guessed it FASTCORE nowadays. the last song is a little different as it's nearly 5 min long and has some sludgey parts but is apart from that as vicious as the rest of the tracks! but you wouldn't expect anything else after you've taken a look at those guys' biography! in case you now ask yourself why I don't release it on my label if they are really as good as I say? well, cause I don't have enough money at the moment! plain simple! but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be happy to throw in some money in case you've got a label, would be interested in releasing it but haven't enough money right now yourself! if that's the case contact me in all other things SICK/TIRED drop Kirk a mail, his e-mail address would be: or you contact them via myspace (remember - a click on the last pic will take you there?!)

to fucking late!
I'll do it myself!
don't you dare to complain,
you've had your chance!

Friday, April 3, 2009


the link for the LACK OF INTEREST / SPAZZ DOUBLE WHAMMY SPLIT E.P. is fixed! click the pic!


as BOVINE Rec. summed it all up pretty clearly in the add you can see above I'll keep this one short: both bands had scene big shots in their ranks, both bands were awesome! in case of TASTE OF FEAR I heard rumors that they are still active or active once again...

WAR IN A BABYLON (the 2nd)

the link for BLOOD FEAST's WAR IN A BABYLON 7" is fixed! click the cover!


ladies and gentlemen, AM I MEAN? proudly presents the NEON BITCHES demo! the NEON BITCHES are those 4 lovely gents on the pic above. well, you now may think that they look like a band that hasn't realized that the times of Woodstock are long gone and expect them to play some sort of Hippie music... if that's the case let me tell you: you're wrong!

I got this demo via e-mail from their singer Josh. he wrote that he sent me this cause I did some posts covering the works of his old band STRAIGHT TO HELL and as STRAIGHT TO HELL - Aaron Ulcer = NEON BITCHES he thought I maybe would like the NEON BITCHES demo as well and that was no bad guess cause I really like it! the 4 tracks are fast, they sound pissed off and they remind me of, you guessed it: STRAIGHT TO HELL... now, that was a just a joke as they don't sound as much like STRAIGHT TO HELL as one would expect especially asNEON BITCHES don't stray from the path that STRAIGHT TO HELL had taken before but the NEON BITCHES sound (intentionally) a lot more ROCK than STRAIGHT TO HELL ever sounded and even though Josh does a good job on the vocals his vocals sound completely different to the unique in sound and brutality vocals of Aaron, who's among my all-time-top-4-HC-singers (the other 3 would be Darryl of CITIZENS ARREST, John of NEGATIVE APPROACH, Mike of GEHENNA and the guy from HAYMAKER would be right behind on # 5! ). sure they don't reinvent the wheel if you've listened to their songs for several times start to recognize similarities but they show face and I guess they'll evolve into a band one should reckon with! sad but true: thel NEON BITCHES that aren't Josh hate these recordings and so the demo wasn't officially released yet and most likely it will never be! but as Josh is a cool guy who happens to like my blog and therefore decided to give me the recordings and the permission to post them here in case I like them (that translates to: if you got the demo from another blog they stole it here! ) so that at least some people get the chance to hear it! click on the pic below to download!


the download link for the WILBUR COBB / HEWHOCORRUPTS split 7" is fixed!


I also finally scored a copy of the NO EXIT tape compilation that feat. CATHARSIS, INTEGRITY, BLOODSHED, LINE DRIVE, XESSIVE FORCE, REFUGE and POLYESTER COWBOYS and was released by INSIDE FRONT REC. as INSIDE FRONT REC. # 1.


I had posted this comp. before and and wrote that you should download this comp. 7", that features CONFRONT, FACE VALUE, INSIGHT, LIFE CYCLE, MEANSTREAK and INTEGRITY, for INTEGRITY´s song DARKNESS alone! once upon a time INTEGRITY have been among the cream of the crop and this track is among their best! the rest of the comp. is solid (S.E.) HARDCORE but no match for the brutality of INTEGRITY! the reason why I post it again is I finally scored a 1st press copy of the ONLY THE STRONG 7" compilation. and this one came in a red cover which is glued cardboard and not just a thin gatefold paper cover like the 2nd press and way more important with a lyric booklet which I scanned and included! I left out one page in the booklet that just was advertising other VICTORY releases.


posting the SPAZZ / GOB split 5" is my attempt to help my fellow blogger Mark a.k.a. Batguano of FUGITIVE EQUILIBRIUM in his quest of spreading the gospel of GOB on his blog. this little rager here delivers 6 tracks from SPAZZ that sound like one expects SPAZZ to sound: spastic, fast & brutal! and 1 GOB track that sounds like one expects GOB to sound: dirty, mean & brutal! came in a plastic sleeve with the cover resembling a pack of guitar strings. first pressing has 1900 on black vinyl, and 100 on pink. 2nd pressing had 1000 pressed, about 300-500 on clear with remastered sound. this rip is made from a 5" of the 1st press cause I didn't know about the remastered sound till some minutes ago but as I got both versions I'll check how big the differences are and maybe rip the remastered version if the differences are really big!


click on the cover for a new rip of CHOKEHOLD's TOOTH & NAIL 7" done with 320 kbits this time!