Tuesday, March 9, 2010


I've already made a post about the CROWD CONTROL / MOB RULES split 7" not that long ago, here to be more precise, but that post was just some sort of review and didn't incl. the music cause the 7" had just been released and I thought people should rather buy it than download it. in the meantime the 7" is sold out and Jamie the guy who runs SUBURBAN MAYHEM RECORDS left a comment telling me that as the physical copies would be all gone now I could upload mp3s of the tracks if I want and so...

if anybody has a copy of MOB RULES' THE DONOR 7" for sale/trade drop me a line!


I bought this 5" cause I love unusual record sizes and more or less buy every 5", 6", 8", etc. I can get my hands on and I also usually won't complain about the price and the music you get for your money but this 5" is a rip off! while STRAIGHT EDGE KEGGER's side has just one 59 seconds long track that's OK but not really groundbreaking KINFTHRUHEAD's side has a 2.03 minutes long track called ROADKILL DICKSUCK that sucks so bad I most likely won't play it ever again. "GRINDCORE" with a saxophone that sounds like their cover looks! speaking about their cover... I'm pretty sure that there are some learning disabled monkeys that would have been able to draw a better looking cover and b.t.w. write funnier lyrics too! download it from here and don't waste your money on his piece of crap. oh yeah, the grey marbled wax looks sweet but doesn't make up for the rest!