Saturday, July 2, 2011


I got GOD HARVEST's 2009 demo tape from their guitar player Austin to review it here a while ago but work & life didn't leave me enough time to do that till now. anyway, I'm really glad Austin has sent me their tape cause since the tape surfaced here it's on heavy rotation. the pro-dubbed and imprinted 6 track tape also comes with a printed j-card and a lyric sheet. music-wise GOD HARVEST play really ripping GRINDCORE that brought PULLING TEETH to my mind when I gave their demo a 1st listen for whatever reason even though they don't really sound like them. the 3 songs on side A are all around 1:30 min long while the 3 tracks on side B are all longer than 2 min which is the only thing I find a little bit strange as cause of that running order side A is only about 4:30 min long while side B is about 7 min long and you therefore have to rewind if you want to play the tape once again which could have been avoided. not really a biggie but still a little bit annoying once in a while. as GOD HARVEST have a blog where you can download the digital version of the tape I'd strongly recommend that you click on the cover above and visit their blog to at least check out the digital version of the demo!

Friday, July 1, 2011


if you'd be out on a quest to find that out Sapporo wouldn't be the dumbest place to start your search thanks to SLANG. I've to admit that their HARDCORE LIVES 4 track 7" isn't exactly the best record they released so far but it's still already a raging record. the 4 tracks also include a nice cover of RIPCORD's SINGLE TICKET TO HELL. I really like SLANG but what I find a little bit annoying about them is that you'll find (a) song(s) that already appeared on (an)other release(s) before on nearly everything they put out. click the cover to download! password = mean.