Wednesday, December 12, 2012


after I had just found out that Florida's GOD HARVEST released their vinyl debut I got a mail from one of the members that said that a review copy for me is on the way. as that was already a while ago let me apologize for not managing to review this split 7" earlier first! and here we go: as I already mentioned that GOD HARVEST's vinyl debut is a split 7" I should also tell you that the other band on it is called COGS AND SPROCKETS I guess. as you most likely know I love records with cool packaging so let's start with looking at the packaging and the artwork. the 7" is housed in a thick black/white folder and comes with a single-sided poster with the lyrics of the 3 GOD HARVEST songs on it and a sticker of guitarist Austin's record label TACK HEAD. if you look at the artwork on the GOD HARVEST cover above you'll recognize that it not only has the track list slapped on it  right in the middle which looks pretty shitty in my opinion it also has the TACK HEAD logo slapped on it to make sure it really looks like shit no matter what. as there would have been plenty of space for both on the inside it's beyond me why they put them there. as the COGS AND SPROCKETS art isn't really outstanding as well let's look at the music. I haven't heard anything from COGS AND SPROCKETS before but I knew it is a 1-man project which doesn't do anything for me to be honest. even though I do like GRINDCORE in general in this case there are way too much effects on the vocals for my taste. the GOD HARVEST side contains 3 tracks of which GENETIC DEATH was already on their great 6 track demo. their 3 tracks are no let down! furious fast music between HARDCORE and GRINDCORE that reminds me of PULLING TEETH for whatever reason here and there. they also managed to write some nice lyrics and if I'm not mistaken also are the first band to have anti-Scientology lyrics I came across. get this for GOD HARVEST alone! click the TACK HEAD sticker below to download the split 7"! pw: mean